Captured in full 360º for the first time ever, is the journey of a stock 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor for the Baja 1000.

To capture this race, production lasted over 50 straight hours. Filming lasted through the pre-race, the entire 1000-mile trek, and even after the event ended. Just as the racers endured no sleep, so did the film crew.

Over twenty cameras were installed and running during key parts of the race, along with environment capture from 360º drone footage and spatial photogrammetry. Preparations for such an ambitious project involved photo scanning both the truck's interior and exterior, to support an involved post-production workflow of compositing, rotoscoping, and visual effects.

To bring the vibrant night-scapes to life, a layered process of capturing scenes with multiple exposures, all taken at the same time, was applied. For the viewer, this means seeing bright starry night skies, coupled with properly exposed race vehicles.