Epic Games launched a brand new season of the insanely popular Fortnite video game. Damien D’Amico lead the initiative to ‘tease’ it’s arrival in the most epic way possible: A Times Square takeover! 

Emotions ran high throughout the gaming world, when Fortnite was literally sucked into a black hole. This caused pandemonium and outrage from Players unable to access the game for 48 hours.

During these two days Times Square was taken over by the ominous black hole, projected across every major digital billboard in sight.

Damien brought the experience out-of-home, creating large scale media exports across a variety billboard sizes.

On the final day, a “sneak peak” of the new Season 11 was broadcast across all the Times Square billboards, just as Fortnite went back online around the globe.

Damien and his team – under extreme secrecy – had just a matter of days to create, prepare, and export the large format media content for the OOH launch.

Director, Motion + VFX - Damien Christian D’Amico

Produced by Steelhead