Vaylian Studios accepted the exciting challenge of building a first-ever Augmented Reality teeth previewing app for the Dental Industry. The Janus Health AR App was designed exclusively for the latest version of the iPad Pro, to allow for full facial recognition and scanning. This allows the App to virtually place fully 3D teeth models directly onto the face of the App User, for a live-streaming real time pre-visualization of dental restorations. This allows Dentists to share a competent visualization of what their patients will look like after the dental procedure has been completed, during the consultation phase! Now patients that have missing or severely damaged teeth can INSTANTLY see what their new veneers or implants will look like before they commit to the dental work.

The software lets patients try on a variety of smile styles. Dentists and patients can easily adjust the shade, lip line and color of the teeth. The App utilizes the iPad’s infrared facial tracking to generate complete 3-dimensional sets of teeth that conform to each patient’s unique features. This enables the 3D “implants” to move with the patient’s head and articulate with their jaw – making for the most dynamic example of dental pre-viz software ever released.

Vaylian loves helping enterprise business reach their goals by bringing ‘shoot-for-the-moon’ ideas to life, and enhancing them beyond the original scope to make them the best they can be.