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Vaylian was founded by Damien Christian D'Amico and Melody Misiaszek. Damien is a director, editor, and visual effects artist, pushing the boundaries of storytelling through innovative emerging technology. Vaylian works extensively in emerging platforms such as Augmented & Virtual Reality, App design + development, Web Interactive, and Experiential Installations.
Vaylian recently launched an experiential marketing AR program on the Microsoft HoloLens––the first of it's kind––for fortune 500 company, Johnson Controls.

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As Executive Producer / Owner of SLASH DYNAMIC. Tanya Cohen has deep experience in business development and all areas of content creation, across platforms. From her experience as an agent at William Morris to her leadership in launching the VFX Powerhouse Digital Domain’s Mothership, Tanya bridges the vast production landscape and into next gen technologies.

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Jeff Taylor, as a partner relations manager for TechCrunch, works with a variety of companies from early-stage startups to Fortune 100. His association with xR as an adjunct started with entertainment and Industrial applications as a direct result of working with innovators across the world.


SYYN LABS CEO / CD / DIRECTOR Adam Sadowsky. Coined “The League of Extraordinary Nerds” by Fast Company Magazine, Syyn Labs is a Los Angeles-based organization that fuses the worlds of technology and interactive sciences with artistic mediums to design and construct visually dynamic spectacles that inspire thought and provoke conversation.


Celine Tricart’s work has been showcased in numerous Academy Awards qualifying festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, short listed for the Emmy’s, the Austin Film Festival, the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival and the Chicago Film Festival. She is also a world-renowned 3D and Virtual Reality expert. In 2017, Celine directed Maria Bello’s “Sun Ladies” VR experience about the women Yazidi fighting ISIS in Iraq. For this, she had to travel through ISIS-held territory to meet the women soldiers in Iraq.