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Blizzard Hearthstone by Syyn Labs

Hearthstone’s The Boomsday Project expansion is all about the chaos, destruction and creativity stemming from the desire for scientific exploration. To bring this idea to life, Blizzard brought on the best in the Rube Goldberg business: the production team at Slash Dynamic and the “League of Extraordinary Nerds” over at Synn Labs, whose mission is “to design and construct visually dynamic spectacles.” President Adam Sadowsky was a child actor-turned-director who helped create the device for OK GO’s music video for “This Too Shall Pass,” which took more than 60 tries to perfect. He’s since built machines for Red Bull, ESPN and more. He even created a 17-step machine for Google to drop an olive in a martini glass.

“I’m fascinated by engineering,” Sadowsky told Newsweek. “I love odd, interesting uses of technology. There’s something about the Newtonian physics, really basic stuff, that’s approachable but allows me to express creativity.”

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