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Kiran Koshy and ProBalance #StayAtHome

Director Kiran Koshy teamed up with Imaginary Friends and Directors Think Tank in order to urge the public to stay home, with a commercial for pet nutrition brand ProBalance, which was created entirely at home!

The Malaysia based team created this initiative in order to address people in the public who are disobeying the Restricted Movement Order put in place to combat the Covid 19 pandemic. "One thing people aren't very good at, is following orders. They might, however, be entertained into listening. And that's what we endeavored to do with this spot," said Imaginary Friends' Creative Director.

"In compliance with the RMO, our offices were closed. We had to postpone or cancel half a dozen shoots in the one-month lockdown. But when we saw the script for this, knowing it would be done for the love of the country, we knew we had to get creative about bringing it to life," said Rajay Singh of Directors Think Tank.

The quarantine created a unique set of challenges when it came to produce this spot, and the team had to be resourceful in order to come up with a solution, and Kiran Koshy was up to the task.

"We were in a lockdown of our own in California. Schools, malls and public venues were off limits. And production had completely shut down. But, as luck would have it, I did have all the talent I needed, quite literally, right in my own backyard," said Kiran, who cast his daughter and dog, a Mini Aussie, in the film and shot it at home.

The team used video conference calls in order to stay aligned with each step of production. "This is proof that an idea has the power to mobilize talents to think out of the box and work towards a common goal. I'm very happy with how everyone chipped in to tell this story the way it should be told,” said Pat Singh of Directors Think Tank.

“As a lifelong dog lover, I’m proud that ProBalance can tell the story of how our beloved pets can be role models in times like these. We’ve always been about bringing out the best in our furry friends. This time, they can bring out the best in us," said Choy Peng Yew, CEO of Pet World Marketing Sdn Bhd.

View the spot here:

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