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Laurence Dunmore Signs

We are beyond thrilled to be announcing the addition of acclaimed commercial director Laurence Dunmore to Slash Dynamic roster! Laurence encompasses the true essence of a cinematic visual storyteller. His films resonate with a captivating style, one defined by character performance and arresting visuals.

Dunmore has directed an enviable number of spectacular campaigns with credits for American Express, Dodge, AT&T, ING, Liberty Mutual, Bank of America, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Mercedes, Dewar’s, Jameson, Lexus and Turkish Airlines. But, perhaps none more so than for the iconic spot for Tullamore DEW. “The Other Wall” spot features four friends dressed for a funeral, sitting on a wall in the rain, lamenting the demise of their brother Jerry, only to find Jerry’s funeral is his wedding. Or was his wedding his funeral?? The spot took Silver at Cannes. With Laurence, it’s truly all about the subtleties and genuine moments that make his films special. He finds the right tone, that right look that never feels forced or intrusive, it’s why his work resonates so deeply. Dunmore continues his award-winning luxury brand work for Diesel, Giorgio Armani and most recently for Hermes, for which he won an EPICA for Direction and Cinematography for his stunning 2016 Terre D’Hermes campaign.

As well, Dunmore has been a champion of social issues throughout his career. He has directed several films that address social issues or take controversial stands. Some examples being his work for the Commission for Racial Equality and a campaign promoting women’s equality in the workplace (‘Change for Good’). In his latest films for Tullamore DEW, Dunmore has crafted cinematic stories rich with social poignancy addressing immigration, acceptance, and integration in the timely ‘Beauty of Blend’ campaign. “These are films with worth and value, their social commentary is important and resonant as it defines the culture and heritage of the brand and a relevant commentary on the Irish as immigrants,” says Dunmore. “But it also engages the essence of the product – a blend. The films wouldn’t have quite the relevance if they were just for a single malt.” That blend of capturing the essence of a product while also engaging in asking dynamic and relevant social questions is a signature of Dunmore’s.

We look forward to doing more amazing work together.

Welcome Laurence to Slash Dynamic!

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